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You are not alone in the fight against cellulite. This skin problem affect millions of men and women around the world and the search for the best solution is still under research. Since cellulite is caused by several factors (genetic, hormones, diet, lifestyle, etc) using multi approach is the best way to solve this ugly skin problem. Here are treatments you can do at home or in a clinic that can minimise the appearance of cottage cheese.


This treatment was developed by French physicians and currently one of the cellulite treatments approved by FDA. This treatment uses rollers to create a deep massage effect on the skin and at the same time a suction is use to distribute the fats under the skin.

Each treatment last for about 45 minutes and you will have to undergo at least 15 to 20 sessions to see results.


This is another FDA approved treatment for cellulite. This treatment usually requires small incisions done on the affected area thus local anesthesia is needed. The treatment leaves little or no scarring at all.

The laser is then inserted under the skin and the heat produce will remove fat under the skin thus eliminating bulges. The laser also promotes collagen production and fibrous tissues to tighten the affected skin.


There are plenty of creams for cellulite available in the market but not all are effective in reducing the bumpy sight. Before spending money on creams and lotions check the ingredients of the product to see if they are offering real solution.

Based on study, caffeine and retinol are the two ingredients that can minimize the problem. These two elements shrink fat cells although the result may not be permanent.


Mesotherapy is done by injecting elements directly into the affected area. This is still a questionable treatment since some doctors do not encourage injecting cocktails of ingredients into the skin. However, some doctors do offer this treatment and uses FDA approved such as vitamins and herbs to remove unwanted fats under the skin.

Every cellulite reduction treatment has its own risks and benefits. Understanding what each treatment offers will help you make better choices without wasting money.

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