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As increasing numbers of older people are becoming confident users of tablets and android devices, the market is developing more apps which are not only relevant to the older generation but which can benefit health and are fun to use. There are many apps which also specifically target older users. If you haven’t used a tablet device previously but would like to, seek advice from people who already have them as to what would be most suitable for you. Most devices today are very intuitive, so once you get started you’ll find it’s easy to work out what to do. These are just a few of the practical apps which may be useful.

Pill reminder

There are a variety of pill reminder apps available. Medisafe Meds and Pill Reminder is a useful tool with visuals to help you remember to take your medication. It is particularly helpful if you have more than one type of medication to remember. This app can be useful for carers too who are responsible for someone else’s medication.

Blood pressure monitor

Use the blood pressure monitor to keep records of your weight as well as your blood pressure. Reports can be produced from the stored data.


People with diabetes can make use of several apps to help manage their condition. With Glooko your glucose readings can be uploaded direct from a glucose measuring device. The data from readings is stored, so you have your statistics to hand at any time - perfect for visits to the doctor. The Diabetes App from iPhone gives you all the information you need about the sugar content of different food types. You can also use this app to monitor your weight and blood pressure.


The Fooducate app gives information about the nutritional value of a vast range of foods including checking the fat and sugar content and it will also give you suggestions for healthier alternatives where relevant.


If you want to keep track of how far you’re walking each day, there are lots of pedometer apps to choose from. The Pedometer Plus app records the number of steps you take and the calories used. You can set up your own profile and track your BMI.

Magnifying glass with light

If you have difficulty reading the small print or just need to be able to see something very close up, a magnifying glass app is just the thing. Choose the level of digital magnification you require, with flashlight functionality.

In addition to the practical apps for health and medical conditions, there are plenty of leisure apps. You can find apps relating to almost any hobby you can think of, from hill walking to suduko. Check reviews online to see which apps have the best feedback and would be the most suitable for your needs. Embrace the technology and before long you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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